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Why WPX?

The traditional office model is broken.


How can firms optimize culture and collaboration in the new environment by leveraging the office in a new way?

How can firms change their outdated approach to the office to better compete with the comforts of work-from-home – and do it so well that the office actually attracts (and retains) talent?


The shift to hybrid operations created a culture and collaboration vacuum.  At the same time, law firms that mandate attorneys back into the office without making changes to the office run a risk of losing up to 40% of their professionals.


WPX makes hybrid operations work while attracting and retaining talent.

What is WPX?


WPX is a hospitality-based, high-engagement, white glove service that transforms your office into an experience that is better than home.

WPX is the delivery of seamless, 5-star service across the 3 stages of hospitality:



Security & Reception

Badge & Announce


Lobby Concierge

Meeting Room Booking

Hot Desking

Business Services


Workplace Concierge

AV Support

Community Spaces

Hot Desk Maintenance

Food, Beverage & Events

Why Choose Forrest Solutions?


No one does WPX better than Forrest Solutions.  For over 50 years, WPX has been our business priority.  We have rigorous and proven processes that ensure the delivery of the exceptional results expected of WPX, including:


  • Forrest Solutions’ unsurpassed recruitment engine which ensures rapid delivery of the right talent
  • Our Hospitality DNA™ reflects the Forrest Solutions proprietary recruiting process that achieves the right talent every time
  • Unmatched WPX training, development and maintaining a curriculum for excellence
  • Measure, manage and improve: our feedback and continuous improvement loop is unparalleled



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