Workplace Experience and The Rise of Hospitality in CPA Firms

Nearly 75% of CPA and advisory leaders expect to have their staff back in the office full-time or in a hybrid capacity, but the office has changed. Forcing professionals back into the office is a losing strategy and puts at risk nearly 40% of staff turnover.

The office must now provide benefits or an experience professionals cannot get at home, a workplace experience that attracts and retains talent.  Workplace experience is next level hospitality, a high engagement, white-glove service that transforms your office into a destination.  It helps organizations attract and retain top talent and make a hybrid workplace efficient and productive.

In this session, please join Nic Rapacz, VP of Outsourcing at Forrest Solutions Advisory, to learn how workplace experience is being leveraged at some of the world’s largest advisory firms, including the Big 4.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the market drivers and outcomes for workplace experience
  • Determine the difference between ‘hospitality’ and ‘service’
  • Learn from case study examples how professional services firms leverage workplace experience


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