I would like to introduce myself as the CEO of Forrest Solutions. This is an exciting time for Forrest Solutions, our clients, and employees as we take up the challenge of focusing our experience, technology, resources and employee talents on the evolution of our journey.


In the coming months, we will continue to focus on elevating the services being delivered to our clients and introduce emerging best practices and technologies for the Outsourced Operations and Staffing Positions. Our culture will soon be further infused with an innovative training platform that continues to focus on employee development and empowerment while aligning our operations with an empathetic solutions platform to customize your operations and services.


We will share how we are aligning our two service divisions (onsite outsourcing and staffing) to provide a holistic approach to supporting your needs and contributing to your success.


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Chief Executive Officer




As the CEO of Forrest Solutions, Patrick brings a proven track record of success in accelerated revenue growth, development of expanding markets, a “hands-on” leadership style, and dynamic team building.


With over 25 years of experience in outsourcing, Enterprise Solutions Design and Global Market Engagements; Patrick has garnered an unrivaled reputation for relationship building, revenue achievement, development of top performing teams and bringing “disruptive” change to the market. He has spearheaded numerous employee focused initiatives that provide meaningful recognition, innovative training initiatives, robust mentoring/succession planning and cultural enhancements. His focused approach consistently builds dynamic team engagement and expedites speed to market with landmark results.


Patrick will report to the Chairman, Founder, and Owner, Steve Forrest, and will have oversight of the entire Forrest Solutions portfolio with a focus on client services enhancements, company vision, employee relations, technology platform and the evolution of the product/services portfolio. His vision is to integrate the unique value of Forrest People Based Resources and Capabilities across Staffing and Onsite Outsourcing to provide a more comprehensive solution to a demanding and diverse market.


Steve Forrest has stated “With Patrick’s addition to the team, we are renewing our commitment to providing you, the client, the highest quality service possible. Patrick’s number one mission is to ensure that you are receiving the exemplary service inherent in the Forrest Solutions brand, that we are sourcing the right talent for your roles, and that we are adding value to your company”.

Patrick brings a vast pedigree of career accomplishments from his roles at IKON Office Solutions, Carr Business Systems (Xerox owned subsidiary of GISX) and recently at Swiss Post Solutions, North America where he focused on the National Account and Business Development. He was a member of the Senior Management Council and a significant contributor to the growing footprint of the Global Client base in North America.


Patrick graduated from Transylvania University in Lexington, KY with a Bachelor’s Degree where he studied Biology, Psychology and Chemistry.

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