Meeting Room Management

Law firms are evolving how they utilize their space. Let Forrest Solutions’ decades of expertise as the go-to for some of the world’s largest professional services firms help you accelerate your space utilization objectives.

Our cross-trained professionals offer a hospitality-driven, white-glove experience to all your employees, visitors, and guests. Increase your brand relevance delivering added value that positively impacts people’s everyday lives.

With years of providing Meeting Room Management support for a diverse range of organizations, Forrest Solutions integrates industry best practices to:

  • Monitor and manage space, workstation, and conference room occupancy
  • Offer consistent, quality experiences
  • Provide onsite lifestyle services
  • Create and schedule VIP experiences
  • Welcome all staff, guests, and visitors

Service Offering

VIP guest services


Conference Room Management

Conference Center Services

Executive lounge support


Front desk, floating lobby, building support


Forrest Solutions trains friendly, helpful staff to provide effective and cost efficient solutions while offering positive, memorable experiences. Build a stronger relationship with internal and external customers by making their service encounters simpler and easier.

Let Forrest Solutions Take Care of All Your People Needs