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Law firms and corporate legal departments are increasingly looking to create a new service delivery model that leverages the expertise and technology of a partner ecosystem to help provide clients with these vital services in a better, more time and cost-efficient manner.

Working with an alternative legal services partner is one way to transform your firm’s capabilities with a manageable, predictable cost structure and the ability to scale as needed.

By partnering with Forrest Solutions Legal, your firm can work more flexibly, freeing up attorneys to either take on additional higher value client work or offer more devoted time to existing clients and improve the advice they receive.

And it’s not just attorneys that can be freed up for new, higher-value work. Paralegals and administrative staff can also benefit to help the overall efficient running of the practice or team and increase overall productivity.


Litigation data continues to explode at alarming rates. Legal departments need sophisticated partners to help them design the most efficient and effective process for managing this data.

Our project managers serve as an extension of counsel to design bespoke review processes.  We leverage AI and Analytics to ensure the most efficient and defensible approach to review, and combine this with a deep bench of attorneys for the ultimate in scalability.


  • First and second level review of documents for relevance
  • Privilege review and redactions of privileged, confidential or private data
  • Foreign Language and specialized subject matter review


Organizations in highly regulated industries have an imperative to understand and act quickly to mitigate their risk profile.  As data volumes rapidly expand and the way we work continues to transform and evolve, having a proactive solution in place is critical.

We work with clients to design processes and deploy teams skilled in proactive surveillance, reactive lookbacks, third party due diligence, risk management and contract repapering for regulatory events.


  • Surveillance: monitor chat and message flows based on AI and keyword hits that trigger policy requirements
  • Lookbacks: collect and review data for issues and provide reports to compliance team on any deviations or violations
  • Third party due diligence: assess suppliers via questionnaires and identity verification to ensure that business transactions are compliant with appropriate regulatory requirements (e.g. FCPA, OFAC, ITAR)
  • Contract repapering: Update and negotiate language with third parties to ensure that contracts meet regulatory requirements (e.g. addition or changes of clauses due to GDPR, LIBOR)


We help organizations unlock the value within their contracts via event driven contract review, abstraction, drafting, and negotiation.

  • Review: analysis of large volumes of contracts, typically due to triggering event such a regulatory change or merger/divestiture
  • Abstraction: Extraction of key terms, clauses and concepts from contracts into a contract lifecycle management system – helps identify risk across contracts.  Now often supported by AI and analytics
  • Drafting and negotiation: work with corporate counsel to generate standard templates and playbooks in order to leverage outsourced teams to handle redlines based on an escalation plan.  Typical for low-to-medium level complexity in contracts.


State (CCPA), Federal (HIPAA) and Global (GDPR) privacy regulations have given individuals significantly more control over their data subject rights.  As privacy laws continue to evolve, proactively managing a privacy program is critical.

Our privacy professionals work with organizations to:


  • Identify, secure and triage personal data across datasets
  • Respond to customer and employee data subject access requests
  • Assist legal and compliance teams with managing policies and contractual language governing the use of personal data


When a threat actor accesses sensitive data in a Cyber incident, organizations much rapidly assess, triage and communicate the impact of the breach.  Our teams sit at the intersection of cybersecurity and data privacy.

When a threat actor accesses sensitive data in a Cyber incident, organizations much rapidly assess, triage and communicate the impact of the breach.  Our teams sit at the intersection of cybersecurity and data privacy.


  • Assisting corporations, law firms, and their cybersecurity partners in identifying compromised personal data
  • Generating the necessary notification lists to contact individuals affected in a data breach or cyber incident.

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