Of course, clients changed as well and the challenges of 2020 laid unprecedented budgetary pressure on Chief Legal Officers who have exerted even more pressure to drive value with outside counsel. In ever increasing numbers, clients have been willing to explore alternative legal service providers for services that could be delivered more efficiently and cost-effectively.

This is the tipping point for firms to re-think operations, become more operationally agile and flexible and out-compete peers and emerging providers in the market. In this evolving business climate, competition, growing client demands, new regulations, real estate costs, cybersecurity and new ways of working are just some of the market challenges being faced.

It’s time to let the lawyers be lawyers and let the experts handle back office operations. That’s where Forrest Solutions comes in.

Forrest Solutions has been a trusted partner to law firms for over 40 years. We know how to provide the high touch, seamless service our law firm partners require.

Everyday, we help you achieve your business goals by providing white glove support services that not only drive operational efficiencies, but with the industry’s most flexible model outsourcing and staffing model, period. We couple our flexible model with an a stellar commitment to service and a boutique approach that ensures your firm’s culture is number one.


We understand on a highly sophisticated and professional level how to deliver exceptional services and cost efficiencies. We help law firms improve support ratios, automate business processes, deliver legal services more efficiently, and adapt to changes that have challenged the cultural and institutional norm.

From traditional onsite support models to legal staffing, our partnership provides firms with the right expertise at the right time, and and allows your attorneys to focus on their core competency: delivering legal services to clients.


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